Residential Pictures

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Apr 082014





Dear Parents,

Residential Pictures

Due to DVD reading issues the Pictures from the residential for class 4 will be available to be picked up from school tomorrow, Wednesday 8th April 11:30 am, from pre-school. I ask , when you come and collect the DVD,  that you sign your name on the sheet provided. If you are picking up a DVD for another child in the class would you please write their names down too.

I hope all the children had a wonderful time and from the pictures you will see all the activities the children were part of and how much each child pushed themselves to their own limit. Mrs Bellamy and I are very proud of the accomplishments of every single child and we hope you will be too.


Mr Marshall



Information to Parents

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Mar 272014

Dear Parents,

Just a quick post to pass on some import bits of information.

  1. Tomorrow the children are still performing guitarat 9:10 in the hall, which will last about 10-15 minutes. This will be a great opportunity to see how far the children have progressed with the guitar in only a few short weeks. I know the children are really proud of their accomplishments. If you can make it we would be lovely to see you there.
  2. Could you please ask your children to bring their guitars in as soon as possible in the morning, so Adam can tune them before the performance. Just ask them to bring them into the Class 4.
  3. Residential – Unlike most years the children will not be leaving at the start of the school day because of the length in journey time. The children will be leaving at around 10:20-10:30. If you would like to come back to wave them off, you are more than welcome to do so but we are suggesting that you say goodbye when you drop the children off at 8:50.
  4. Please do not forget the change of clocks on Sunday…….:)
  5. Just to remind parents that there is a small shop on site but I believe the amount that was suggested is slightly excessive and £10-£15 pounds would be plenty. Please make sure the children bring their money in a wallet or purse which is clearly named. (Given to Mr Marshall first thing on Monday morning)
  6. Please do not forget to bring a selection of cookies or cakes or Mr Marshall will go hungry for the week!
  7. Please make sure all medication is labelled and have clear instructions, and are given to Mrs Bellamy first thing.
  8. Children should arrive to school wearing comfy non-school uniform, as they will be doing their first activity when we arrive and will not have the opportunity to get changed.
  9. Please make sure all children have a leak proof water bottle and a packed lunch in a carrier bag or backpack for Monday. Please do not put the food in plastic containers as this will have to be carried around all week by the children and is a weight they could do without- soft lunch bags are great.
  10. Just to remind you that children should not be bringing any electronics, digital cameras or sprays (deodorant).
  11. We also suggest that your child brings with them a watch or a small travel clock for use in their room only.
  12. The children can bring in their backpack a selection of games to play on the coach and a bag of goodies……to share with Mr Marshall.
  13. If you have not managed to purchase a disposable camera please do not worry as Mrs Bellamy and myself will be taking a range of pictures which will be placed on a DVD for you.
  14. All shoes need to be sensible, sturdy and strong – no wellies.
  15. Please can ALL clothes be labelled.
  16. Last but not least, don’t forget your stamp for your child’s postcard – these could be kept in their wallet.

Many thanks- I hope this clears up some of the questions you may have had.

Mr Marshall and Mrs Bellamy

Class 4 does pancake day!!!!!!

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Mar 042014

Today in class 4 the children had the opportunity to create a range of interesting pancakes in readiness for Ash Wednesday. The children weighed, mixed and even spilt the ingredients to create an intriguing selection of pancakes. We had the normal toppings and a few strange ones. Please speak to your children to find out who’s the strangest was. Let’s just say Ice cream and cheese is not the best combination.


Mr Marshall and Mrs Bellamy




Healthy food tasting during healthy food week.

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Mar 022014


The children before half term had the opportunity to try a range of food which they either really liked or really disliked. It was an amazing afternoon and all the children tried everything that was placed in front of them ranging from cold mushy peas to smoked salmon. From the pictures bellow you will see there were some pleasant faces and some not so. Many thanks for all the children for brining in two types of food to try and it was nice that some children changed there mind about certain food and would love to try them again…. Even the mushrooms.

Mr Marshall and Mrs Bellamy






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Feb 132014

Just a quick reminder

Just to remind all children that tomorrow guitar will be taking place, so please do not forget your instruments tomorrow, for another rock out session. 🙂

Also please keep a watch out for the photos from todays food tasting experience. There were quite a few funny faces when trying certain foods bur Mrs Bellamy, Mrs Millington, Mrs Prosser and I were so happy to see all the children trying everything that was placed in front of them. Many thanks to all the parents for making the day such a hit!

Class 4 Be food smart…..

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Feb 102014

The children this week are looking at healthy food and how to achieve a healthy diet. I have asked them to complete a food diary over this week to find out what they eat.

On Thursday I have asked the children to bring in an item of food which they don’t like and an item of food that they do. Please bring in enough to share with at least four other children.

Many thanks

 Mr Marshall


Guitar Session

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Jan 312014

Today the children have had an amazing time learning a range of songs. Today we started learning we will rock you.

IMG_3996HG GuitarIMG_3988IMG_3989IMG_3990IMG_3991IMG_3992IMG_3993IMG_3995

Dance Mat Typing

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Jan 292014

Over the last couple of days a number of children have been using a website called dance mat typing which looks at how to type without looking at the keyboard. As only a couple of children are using the program, the class at large have asked that they could give it ago 🙂 Below is the website link to the site and I would love to hear from the children how they find it.




Second Guitar Lesson

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Jan 172014

This morning the children have had an amazing time learning the guitar with Adam. We have had lots of fun learning our first song………Batman :).

The children will be brining the guitars home tonight and will have sheet music to practice. Also I have included a video of myself playing part 1 which the children have been asked to practice. I hope you will have as much fun as Mrs Bellamy and I.


HG GuitarLearningBatman

Batman Music

Guitar Tuition Tomorrow

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Jan 092014

Class 4 are really looking forward to the guitar tuition which is taking place tomorrow morning. If your child currently plays the guitar through school then we ask them if possible to bring their own guitar tomorrow.

Many thanks

Mr Marshall