Choir, poetry and theatre production days

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Jul 092013


Class 4 joined their peers at Robert Miles Junior School to perform a series of “sea” themed songs. They sang beautifully!





Children from the four schools met at Langar and worked with the Footprints





Theatre Company to present a performance of ‘King Midas’.

Jun 122013

Download the questionnaire results as a PDF here (462kb)

Dear parents

Thank you once again for taking part in this year’s Langar School Parent Questionnaire.

We are delighted that your responses reflect our successes and achievements over the last year!

Please find attached the summary of the 2013 results. It shows what parents say Langar School is doing well, and gives an indication of areas where we should focus our attention in the future.

The key findings this year are:

  • Overall, parents say they are (to a very high percentage) happy with Langar School
  • Improvement has again been made on already good results
  • Perceptions of progress, and communication of progress, has become more consistent between key stages
  • Perceptions of support given to children with additional learning needs, has remained stable. Parent’s understanding could improve further; they have a varying level of experience of this area depending on their own children’s needs.
  • Overall awareness of school Governors and SENCO has decreased significantly. Again, parents who have not accessed additional support for their child will be unaware of the SENCO’s role (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)
  • Use of the school web site has decreased. A new, more interactive school website is now in the planning stage.

The presentation slides show the following:

Page 2: Overall summary of responses
Page 4: Response trends over the last few years of surveys
Page 5: Recap of issues raised last year (to enable progress to be tracked)
Page 6-9: Slides showing all response rates for all questions
Page 10: Areas parents indicate that they feel the school is doing well
Page 11: Areas parents say significantly improved from last year
Page 12: Areas parents would like us to focus for next year
Page 13-14: How results compared in the areas of focus identified last year (from page 5)
Page 15: Summary of parents general comments

As last year, we have only included the summary of findings. If any parents would like the full information pack, this is also available on request.

Please take a moment to read the findings attached and if you have any questions or would like a paper copy or the full information pack, please do not hesitate to contact Mr.Hillary or myself.

Scott Higginbotham
Parent Governor

Orchestra Day ~ Arts Week 20th-24th May

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Jun 092013

orchestra-day-1Ashley and Sarah Parnell, who provide school’s music tuition service, invited us to join Robert Miles Junior, Carnarvon and Flintham schools for a week of celebrating the arts.

Developing the theme of “Water”, pupils from the four schools came together to participate in a variety of creative activities.
The orchestra day culminated in a concert in St Mary’s Church, Bingham, where our young musicians gave a very polished performance.

As well as groups of children from the four schools joining together, individual schools offered art and drumming activities for all.

The Parnells are in school at 3.40pm, on Tuesday, 18th June, for parents whose children wish to try out a musical instrument.


Mar 082013

The handy guide to infection control downloadable from this page has been supplied by the Health Protection Agency.

It covers a range of conditions and contains advice about the recommended period for a child to be kept away from school.

Download the guidance on infection control leaflet here (PDF 138kb)

Dec 042012

The Food Standards Agency have produced a handy chart of suggestions to help you pack a healthy balanced lunch for your child.

A whole month of lunchbox ideas have been carefully put together to make sure they balance over the week for energy, total fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate, protein, salt and sugar.

Lunchbox Suggestions from the Food Standards Agency (PDF 23kb)

Oct 042012

Dear Parents,

A case of threadworm has been reported in school and I would urge you to carefully check your child(ren) for symptoms. I hope the following guidance, provided by Netdoctor, is helpful but I would recommend you to seek medical assistance if an infestation is suspected.

What is threadworm?
Threadworm (Enterobius vermicularis) is the most common worm infection. Both children and adults can be infected, although it is mostly found in children.

How does infection spread?
Threadworm is passed from person to person and is usually spread via children. The female worms lay eggs on a person’s skin around the anus. This leads to itching and scratching of the area and then leads to eggs being transferred onto the fingers. The eggs can then be passed by direct contact, or through sharing toys, pencils and food, etc. Good hygiene is essential to stop the infection being spread, including washing hands and scrubbing under the nails before eating and after visiting the toilet.

Eggs can survive in dust for two weeks, which may lead to infection by inhaling dust. Children in childcare institutions are easily infected by each other.

Threadworm begins with an itchy feeling around your anus (back passage), usually at night under warm sheets. Without treatment threadworm may give rise to vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina) in girls and women. You can often see threadworms, a 1cm thread-like worm, in your child’s stools or their bottom.

Infected children or adults should be treated as soon as possible. The rest of the family should also be treated at the same time. Threadworm can be treated with one of two medicines, mebendazole or piperazine, both of which can be bought over the counter from pharmacies. Both medicines can be given as a single dose. Your pharmacist can give you appropriate advice. Children under two years of age will need to be seen by a doctor. One treatment is usually enough.

Children can still go to school or childcare, in spite of having threadworms.

What can be done to control threadworms?

  • If you have threadworms, it is important to shower in the morning in order to remove eggs and bacteria from the anal area.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after each visit to the bathroom and before each meal.
  • Underwear should be changed daily.
  • Bed-sheets should be changed frequently, especially 7 to 10 days after the treatment.
  • Infected children and adults should keep their nails short.
  • Infected children should ideally wear cotton gloves when sleeping.
  • Clean your home thoroughly, especially the bedrooms, and remove as much dust as possible.
  • Do not eat food in your bedroom.
  • If several family members are infected, you should all be treated on the same day.
  • Avoid food and drinks containing a lot of sugar, and eat high-fibre food to prevent constipation.

I hope this is of some help.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Hillary
Head Teacher